: Florida reef transforms into underwater art gallery
Entertainment15:18 Apr. 4, 2016

Florida reef transforms into underwater art gallery

Subsea art exhibition opens on an artificial reef in Key West, Florida

An artificial reef in the Florida Keys has become a temporary gallery for a subsea art exhibition.

Video released by the Florida Keys News Bureau shows divers hanging artwork on the 523-foot General. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, the world's second-largest artificial reef located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary about seven miles south of Key West.

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Over the weekend, divers installed a dozen photo illustrations on the Vandenberg's weather deck, more than 90 feet below the surface on the Atlantic Ocean.

The exhibition is a creation of Austrian art photographer Andreas Franke and is a sequel to the artist's 'Sinking World' series which debuted on the Vandenberg in 2011, two years after the former Air Force missile tracking ship was sunk as an artificial reef.

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