Graphic art: War, totalitarianism, human - XX century propaganda in placards

19:27 Oct. 21, 2016

War, totalitarianism, human - XX century propaganda in placards

“Ephemerides. XX Century in Posters” exhibition in Mystetsky Arsenal (UNIAN Photo)

The art complex in Kyiv, Mystetskyi Arsenal, has launched the exhibition "Ephemerides. XX Century in Posters"

The project "Ephemerides. XX Century in Posters" displays Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Czech and Polish posters of XX century and is divided into three key segments – "War", "Totalitarianism" and "Human."

The section "War" exhibits placards that created the visual image of the enemy, used in opposition to the national hero-soldier. Placards in the segment "Totalitarianism" demonstrate the connection between a person and a government, as totalitarian regimes took the absolute control over people. The subdivision "Human" gathers the collection of placards that reveal how people survived the times of social troubles and humanitarian crisis.


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The XX century witnessed global societal renovation and the exhibition studies how placards manipulated the mass consciousness, as these artworks had been used to appeal to people and make them take action.


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"A placard is viewed as a mass product, the medium of communication, which is able to form a visual culture of the society, to dictate modern tendencies, propagate ideologies," said the co-curator of the exhibition, historian Anastasia Cherednichenko.

The placards by famous Czech Art Nouveau artist, Alphonse Mucha, are the most valuable and popular exhibits. It took a year for Mystetskyi Arsenal to organize the exhibition.

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