Another record established: Zaporizhia marked its city day frying with record number of chicken wings
Entertainment18:40 Oct. 11, 2016

Zaporizhia marked its city day frying with record number of chicken wings

250 kilos of meat and 70 liters of sauce were needed to hit another Ukraine's record

In the city of Zaporizhia, a record number of chicken wings were fried on a single pan. The record was established to mark the city day.

A quarter of a ton of chicken, 70 liters of sauce and 50 kilos of vegetables, spices and herbs were used to reach a National Record. It took 12 cooks using a special 2-meter pan, taking an hour and a half to cook the spicy chicken wings, and it appeared to be well worth the wait.

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A crazy number of people came to the festival around 2,000. Despite long lines and a long wait, there was enough food for everyone.

"Very tasty. Amazing. Very pleased"
"Very delicious, but for old people like me, it needs more boiling, the spices are very tasty".

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