World War 3 possible?: 7 ways Russia is telling people to prepare for war

16:52 Oct. 15, 2016

7 ways Russia is telling people to prepare for war

Soldiers with armored military vehicles are seen during the rehearsal of a military parade which will be held within the celebrations for the 9th of May Victory Day in Moscow, Russia on May 7, 2016. (GettyImages Photo)

Russia's recent things give impressions a war is looming

With tensions between Russia and the United States at their highest since the Cold War, there have been alarming signs coming out of Moscow that suggest the country is ready for war, journalist Patrick Reevell writes in his article. 

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Almost no one believes the Kremlin is actually preparing for a military conflict with the United States. Most analysts instead see it as a show, intended to boost support at home and to deter Western countries from intervening militarily in Syria.

There are some unsettling things Russia has done, however, to give the impression that war is looming.

As the confrontation between the United States and Russia has worsened over Syria, and amid speculation Washington might launch airstrikes against Syrian government forces, Russian state-controlled media has gone into high gear, asking Russians whether they are prepared for nuclear war.

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This month Russia held a large-scale civil defense drill across the country, meant to prepare people for disasters, among them nuclear catastrophe.

Russia's defense ministry has announced how the country would function in time of war, clarifying which government bodies would take command.

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