: Ancient seal dated back to X century returns to Ukraine (photos)

19:46 May. 11, 2016

Ancient seal dated back to X century returns to Ukraine (photos)

The seal of Prince Svyatoslav (Photo from radiosvoboda.org)

Artifact is said to belong to Prince Svyatoslav

Ukraine gets back an ancient lead seal dated back to the X century. As reported by Radio Svoboda, the unique artifact belonged to Svyatoslav Igorovich, the Prince of Kyivan Rus'.

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"Is is a two-sided lead bull depicting the special sign of Prince Svyatoslav. Double cog was his personal symbol. Later his son Volodymyr added one more cog, thus creating a trident that is now Ukraine's national coat of arms," says Oleh Odnorozhenko, senior expert of the Institute of Archaeography and Source Studies of Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences.

The seal of Prince Svyatoslav was reportedly found on the Starokyivska mountain, in the core of historical Kyiv centre, in 1982, having disappeared later. The way how the artifact was returned to Ukraine is kept out of public access. From now on the seal is to be kept in Kyiv for further research. The scholars promise to show it openly in a month.

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