Polish-Ukraine cooperation: Polish companies want to sell weapons to Ukraine - Rzeczpospolita

10:35 Sep. 27, 2016

Polish companies want to sell weapons to Ukraine - Rzeczpospolita

International Defense Industry Exhibition in Polish Kielce (Photo presented by Captain Oleksandr Gain, LITPOLUKRBRIG Public Information Officer)

During an arms fair in Kyiv, Poland's defense industry will showcase a wide range of products, according to the Polish newspaper, Rzeczpospolita.

Polish arms manufacturers hope that Ukraine will become their biggest client, Rzeczpospolita reports, according to UNIAN.

'We hope for a breakthrough in the arms business, setting clear rules and paths financing of the most advanced programs and joint ventures,' said Slawomir Kulakowski, President of the Polish Chamber of National Defense.

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After Maidan and the beginning of the war in Donbas, Polish companies started selling to Ukraine military uniforms, body armor, helmets, and ballistic shields. Gradually, this cooperation developed further.

'Industrial Optics Center' 
began to supply night vision devices, surveillance systems for armored vehicles, and various electronic optic equipment for troops. After a period of thorough preparation, last year, an agreement on cooperation with Ukraine in the field of unmanned aerial reconnaissance was signed in Kyiv by a private producer WB Electronics.

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'We have agreed to and have developed some truly effective cooperation with the Ukrainian centers Progress and Luch in the development of laser-guided precision munitions for howitzers and mortars, as well as anti-tank guided missiles Pirat,' said Professor Zbigniew Puzevicz, head of the Research and Production Center Telesystem Mesko.

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