Keep trading: Armoured ties: Ukraine gets USD 600 million contract from Pakistan

14:22 Nov. 23, 2016

Armoured ties: Ukraine gets USD 600 million contract from Pakistan

OSCE observers inspect a line of tanks withdrawn from the frontline near Luhansk (AP photo)

Pakistan is keen to modernise and repair its armour in Ukraine

On November 23rd, Ukraine and Pakistan signed a memorandum on expanding cooperation with their defence industries. According to the document signed by Ukrspecexport agency and Heavy Industries Taxila corporation, the Pakistani announced new contracts on technical support and modernization of tanks and other armoured vehicles at the Ukrainian defence enterprises.

The total amount of costs for maintenance works for Ukrainian enterprises constitutes up to USD 600 million, Ukraine's Ministry of Defence notes.

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The Ukraine's defence department did not mention specific kinds of  Pakistani forces armoured arsenal to be modernised and repaired in Ukraine. The country's huge Army Armoured Corps mostly operates the Chinese-produced Type 96, Type 85, Type 59 and Type 53 tanks or their modifications, although 320 units of Ukrainian T-80 main battle tank are in service as well.

The Pakistan Armoured Corps is one of Ukraine's oldest partners in the defence industry. Since 1996, it has purchased 320 T-80s and involved Ukrainian specialists in its Pakistani-Chinese joint project of Al-Khalid main battle tank. Since 2001, Ukraine develops the engine-transmission compartments based on the 6TD tank engines.

During the conversation between the Ukraine's defence minister Stepan Poltorak and the Pakistani deputy Chief of the General Staff Khamud ur-Rekhman, the parties also considered possible joint tank and anti-tank missile systems production.

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Ukraine's defence minister also met the Pakistani president Mamnoon Hussain, who proposed to continue expanding cooperation between countries.

"I am convinced that the potential of our collaboration hasn't expired yet, as we hold a number of long-term projects. In particular, the tank production is entailed. As for today, we are interested in creating a corporate group on weapons and ammo production. And we have already obtained certain accord in this field. Thus we agreed that our experts will come to your country to gain experience of this industry's deployment," the Pakistani leader stressed.

The successful meeting between the Ukrainian and the Pakistani officials was held on the sidelines of the IDEAS-2016, the 9th annual defence exhibition in Karachi.

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338 defence companies from 38 countries attended the IDEAS-2016, presenting South Asia's biggest weapons and military technologies exposition. At the exposition, Ukraine presents its new weapons and advanced armoured vehicles, including T-84 Oplot main battle tank, BTR-4 and BTR-3E1 personnel carriers, as well as the Kombat and the Korsar anti-tank guided missile systems and the Kvitnyk guided projectile.

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