Ukraine Under Attack: ATO HQ: Russian proxies attack Ukraine 64 times in last 24 hours
News18:23 Jul. 15, 2016

ATO HQ: Russian proxies attack Ukraine 64 times in last 24 hours

Militants are said to provoke Ukrainian soldiers by firing the houses of local residents

Russian-backed separatist forces attacked Ukrainian army positions in eastern Ukraine 64 times in the last 24 hours. This is according to the press centre of the Anti-Terrorist Operation headquarters.

Three people died on the positions close to the town of Maryinka, some local residents also reported injured. This is Nadiya who moved away from here last year. Now she shows the reminiscences of her house. The cellar where they used to hide away from the shellings is now totally torn out into pieces.

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The others claim to have heard the explosions behind the fence of the local kindergarten. Five private houses are said to have been ruined.

Ukrainian soldiers say the terrorists have previously been provided with additional howitzers. Their base is to be seen from Ukrainian trenches, that is where Russian flag is waving.

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According to Ukraine's Intelligence Service, the agents of Vladimir Putin have placed their artillery machines in Kirov district of Donetsk region, since it is the most comfortable position for attacking Maryinka.

Numerous members of OSCE mission keep on digging, measuring and defining the coordinates of the attacks of Russian-backed separatist forces. Ukraine's National Guard servicemen say there is hardly any use, since the terrorist may be stopped only by Ukrainian artillery.

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