: Battles flare up: separatists use GRAD artillery

11:26 May. 28, 2016

Battles flare up: separatists use GRAD artillery

Pro Russian Separatists Fire Rockets On Ukrainian Positions in February, 2015 (GettyImages Photo)

Russian-backed militants use heavy artillery for first time in months

Russian-backed separatist forces shelled Ukrainian soldiers with the GRAD multiple-rocket launcher on May 27. They attacked the positions of Ukraine's servicemen near Novotroitske village, around 20 kilometres to the north of Volnovakha.

This Kyiv-controlled town also witnessed the effect of the heavy artillery. In January 2015 twelve civilian bus passengers were slaughtered in what reportedly was a militants' misfired GRAD attack.

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Regarding the Novotroitske shelling, Ukraine didn't report of any casualties as of yet. What Kyiv did tell was that the militants fired approximately 40 projectiles overall in the past 24 hours. That included not only the Grad systems, but 82-mm, 120-mm and 152-mm mortars, prohibited by the Minsk agreements. 

"The most intense shooting took place in the Donetsk region. Near Mariupol Ukrainian servicemen had to fight off an enemy reconnaissance unit", Kyiv reported. 

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According to the statement, the Russian-backed militants continued their provocations with the beginning of the new day. Ukraine already registered at least 14 attacks since the sunrise. The country's officials stated, the shooting were taking place along the whole contact line. 

Earlier Ukrainian APC was blown up after running over a presumable landmine. Although nobody died in the blast, eight wounded soldiers were taken to a hospital. 

UPDATE: Media reported, Ukrainian soldier Andriy Zhuk was killed in action when his division was ambushed by the separatists. Two Ukrainian servicemen, wounded in the fight, were taken to a hospital. 

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