: BBC: Kyiv's cultural frontline

11:01 Apr. 12, 2016

BBC: Kyiv's cultural frontline

Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv, Ukraine, Feb. 29, 2016 (UNIAN Photo)

BBC discovers the cultural landscape of Ukrainian capital 

British most famous broadcaster introduces its audience to the cultural environment of the Ukrainian capital within "The Cultural Frontline" programme. 

Two years ago Kyiv was at the centre of a violent struggle for the future of Ukraine, as pro-Europe demonstrators occupied the central Independence Square. Beyond the headlines, how have the city's artists, writers and musicians responded to what happened?

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Курков, Джамала, "Ізоляція", радіо "Аристократи" та інші в 30-хвилинній радіопрограмі для BBC World Service.

Posted by BBC Ukrainian on Sunday, April 10, 2016

BBC's presenter Tina Daheley meets the novelist Andrey Kurkov who published his diaries of the crisis. He describes how the Ukraine's literary scene has shifted as a result of the violence and the war still going on in the East of the country.

The art group Izolyatsia hails from the Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine. When the war began their premises were commandeered by pro-Russian separatists, forcing them to flee to Kyiv and start their work from scratch. Tina hears their story.

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Last year the new government of Ukraine passed a 'de-communisation' law which outlawed Communist symbols. Art historian Tatiana Kochubinska and photographer Yevgen Nikiforov explain what they fear this might mean for Ukraine's iconic and intricate Soviet mosaics.

Jamala is Ukraine's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest this year, but her song 1944 has stirred up controversy in Russia. She explains the personal story behind the song and reflects on the importance of music in times of conflict.


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