: British soldiers train Ukrainian troops urban warfare techniques
Society15:51 Mar. 18, 2016

British soldiers train Ukrainian troops urban warfare techniques

Britain recently set to sign 15-year military cooperation pact with Ukraine

Joint Ukraine-British military exercises are underway at a base near Zhytomyr, in the western part of the country. Veteran British soldiers who've served in Iraq and Afghanistan are training Ukrainian airborne troops in urban combat warfare techniques.

One trainer explained: "We're here in Ukraine to help train with the Ukrainian army. As well as to teach how to operate in urban areas. This includes how to enter buildings and how to defend buildings."

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The joint course lasts three weeks, after which they rotate, and another group of Ukrainian soldiers begin training on how to counter tactics of hybrid warfare.

"Their division was deployed to Iraq, and they had an opportunity to receive military experience and then they passed it on to their fighters. As well as troops from other countries. If we had this experience in ATO (warzone) it would have been easier for us," serviceman Vladislav Hlembotskiy said.

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Britain has recently announced its plans to sign a 15-year deal with Ukraine. According to the agreement British troops will carry out more training missions with Ukrainian troops and the two countries will share intelligence data.

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