: China's top Go player hopes to beat Google's Alpha-Go computer program
News12:33 Mar. 15, 2016

China's top Go player hopes to beat Google's Alpha-Go computer program

Korean master lost 3 out of 5 sets prior to the final match with artificial intelligence software

Chinese number one Go player Ke Jie wants to beat Google's Alpha-Go computer program. The software is much more clever than expected, claims Jie, but the chances to win over the machine are still high. 

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The statements came ahead of the final match in Seoul where the Korean master Lee Sedol is trying to compete with the artificial intelligence. Jie claims many Go players underestimated the Alpha-Go strength. Instead the secret of the victory lies in deeper understanding.

"In terms of probability, I have a chance to win, but the probability is not as high as I thought before. I think it is 60 percent in favor of me," Chinese Go Master, Ke Jie says.

Alpha-Go software was created by Google's artificial intelligence service. It defeated Korean Lee Sedol in the first three matches.

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