: ERR: Estonia held back by bickering ministers

10:02 Apr. 15, 2016

ERR: Estonia held back by bickering ministers

Mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz, and Estonian Minister of Foreign Trade Urve Palo, from left, pose for a photograph on the steps to the senate at city hall in Hamburg, Germany, May 21, 2015 (AP Photo)

Memeber of Parliament Tanel Talve says discussions of state reform need to become regular

Social Democratic MPs Urve Palo and Tanel Talve found that Estonia's development was held back, among other things, by ministries' rivalry, which would make cooperation between them difficult.

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Palo and Talve thought there was neither a common vision nor corresponding goals for state reform, the Baltic News Service reported on Thursday (April 13).

Talve, who chairs the parliamentary state reform support group, said that discussions of state reform as a matter of national importance needed to become regular.

He voiced the opinion that the Riigikogu's Constitutional Committee should take the leading role in setting the reform in motion and seeing it through.

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Palo said the state needed a chief architect with respective rights and obligations to look at the broader picture and make the ministries work together in the interest of common goals.

This should be the task of the Prime Minister rather than that of the Finance Ministry, as such a duty would not be left to accountants in the private sector either.

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