: ERR: Six NATO allies to send company-sized units to Estonia's Spring Storm exercise

11:40 Apr. 12, 2016

ERR: Six NATO allies to send company-sized units to Estonia's Spring Storm exercise

Lithuanian defense Minister Juozas Olekas and US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter attend a joint press conference after a meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, June 23, 2015 (AP Photo)

More than thousand NATO's soldiers to take part in Estonia's biggest military exercises 

More than one thousand allied soldiers are to take part in Estonia's annual Spring Storm ("Kevadtorm") military exercise in May of this year; six countries intend to send one company-sized unit each to the Estonian exercise.

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According to military spokespeople, Spring Storm will be the Estonian Defence Forces' largest training exercise this year, comprising of a total of approximately 6,000 personnel, including allied soldiers. The annual military exercise is scheduled to run from May 2 through May 20 and span Tartu, Võru and Põlva Counties in Southeast Estonia.

Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany are each to send a company-sized unit to take part in the May training exercise. In addition to these troops, a Canadian team of specialists as well as Finnish staff officers will be participating in the exercise as well.

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Members of the defense forces of Estonia's various allies are to practice cooperating with Estonian units as well act as the enemy to units being assessed at the exercise.

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