Donbas conflict: Escalation continues: 40 attacks in conflict zone overnight (updated)

10:43 Oct. 6, 2016

Escalation continues: 40 attacks in conflict zone overnight (updated)

Ukrainian soldiers outside Avdiivka, eastern Ukraine (AP Photo)

Ukraine's Anti-Terrorist operation's Facebook page has been hacked by unknown group 

Update: One Ukrainian soldier has died and one was wounded in action in the conflict zone overnight, according to Ukraine's Defense Ministry spokesperson Oleksandr Motuzyanyk. 

In addition, one servicemen suffered from contusion. 

Story: Ukraine says that militants attacked its troops 40 times in the past 24 hours despite the recent agreements on de-escalation.

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The Russian-backed separatist forces opened fire 12 times in the Luhansk region, including Stanytsia Luhanska, the area where the withdrawal of troops is planned to take place. According to Ukraine's Defense Ministry, the combatants used 120-mm mortars to shell the positions of the government forces.

Another 8 attacks have been registered near Donetsk, and more 20 occurred near Mariupol. Additionally, 4 drones have been spotted in the area.

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The conflict zone update is usually provided by the Anti-terrorist operation's Facebook page, but this wasn't the case this morning.

The Facebook page had been hacked by an unknown hacker group, the ATO spokesman said, according to BBC Ukraine.

Judging by the picture on the page, the hackers call themselves ‘Sprut'. Ukrainian experts are trying to regain control of the social media. 

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