Ukraine under attack: Failed terror attacks in Crimea inspired by FSB – Ukraine Today poll results

17:13 Aug. 27, 2016

Failed terror attacks in Crimea inspired by FSB – Ukraine Today poll results

FSB officers escort alleged Ukrainian Spec Ops Yevhen Panov, accused of planning terror attacks in Crimea (AP Photo)

Majority of respondents think Kremlin prepares a new military action in Ukraine

The majority of UT readers believe that Russia staged the so-called terror attacks in Crimea, which took place earlier this month. 

On August 10, Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) claimed that it had caught a sabotage group, sent to the peninsula by Ukrainian Intelligence Service. According to FSB, the commandos were planning to organize terror attacks to destabilize the region. 

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In the wake of the allegations, UT asked its readers to share their thoughts on the situation. More than 500 people decided to participate in the survey. 

Most of the respondents, 46 percent, said that the Kremlin had staged the terror attacks as a reason to prepare the ground for a new military operation in Ukraine. 

The other 30 percent believed that Moscow could have another plan to further destabilize Ukraine: half of them agreed that Russia plans to disrupt the bumpy peace talks, while another half thought that Moscow attempts to get rid of the sanctions by discrediting Ukraine. 

Very few people considered that Ukrainian intelligence really attempted to infiltrate Crimea or that Ukraine tried to the peninsula Crimea ahead of Russia's general elections. All in all, two last points had the least number of votes, 12 percent for each one.

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Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation on 18 March 2014 following a hastily called referendum.

Subsequently, demonstrations by pro-Russian groups in the Donbass area of Ukraine escalated into an armed conflict between the government forces and the Kremlin-backed militants.

The conflict in the east has killed over 9,500 people and is still ongoing.

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