War in Donbas: First death in conflict zone after latest ceasefire announced - media

09:49 Sep. 17, 2016

First death in conflict zone after latest ceasefire announced - media

A Ukrainian soldier fires machine gun during the fight with the pro-Russian separatists at the Avdiivka industrial zone (Promka) in Avdiivka, Donetsk region, Ukraine, June 25, 2016. (GettyImages Photo)

Ukrainian soldier reportedly died after suffering from wounds caused by a mine blast

Despite the total ceasefire, which according to the Russian-backed separatist forces was supposed to enter into effect on September 15, combat is still taking place in the conflict region.

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On the very first day of the so-called ceasefire, major Ukrainian media outlet 1+1 reported six wounded soldiers, which were hospitalized after being shelled by the militants near government-controlled Avdiivka.

The medics described the health condition of one of the soldiers, who was reportedly wounded by a mine blast, as difficult.  According to 1+1, his surgery was successful and the doctors made an optimistic prognosis, but later he died.

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Another heavily-wounded Ukrainian serviceman is currently being treated in hospital in Dnipro. The doctors say the mear fact he survived was a miracle. 

According to Ukrainian military, the Russian-backed separatist forces attacked Ukrainian soldiers 30 times in the past 24 hours. 

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