Donbas conflict: Ex-Luhansk 'Prime Minister', arrested by separatists, allegedly commits suicide

17:20 Sep. 24, 2016

Ex-Luhansk 'Prime Minister', arrested by separatists, allegedly commits suicide

Gennadiy Tsypkalov (photo taken from

‘He probably acknowledged the gravity of his crime', a militant ‘prosecutor' said. 

The former ‘Prime Minister' of the Luhansk militant republic, Gennadiy Tsypkalov allegedly committed suicide after he was arrested by the Russian-backed separatist forces over alleged coup attempt, a local ‘prosecutor' Sergey Rakhno said, according to Interfax.

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Tsypkalov along with several other individuals had allegedly planned a ‘physical liquidation' of the Luhansk pro-Russian leaders. However, he was exposed by another member of the alleged coup plotters, the prosecutor told.

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Rakhno said that Tsypkalov had ‘probably realized the gravity of his crime' and decided to kill himself in prison by hanging.

‘I think he had thought he would be killed by the rest of the plotters, who hadn't been exposed', Rakhno said. 

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