Special Forces in Ukraine: Historic moment: Ukraine celebrates its first Special Operations Forces day

11:46 Jul. 29, 2016

Historic moment: Ukraine celebrates its first Special Operations Forces day

Ukraine celebrates Special Forces day on July 29 (facebook.com/usofcom)

Special Operation forces are in the process of reforming, that started after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014

July 29 is now the day of Special Operations Forces in Ukraine, the first time ever the country holds such celebrations.

The relevant decree was earlier signed by the Ukrainian President. Petro Poroshenko was also among the first who congratulated the servicemen on their day.

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"Journalists could never take photos of your faces, but Ukrainian nation knows, that you do your job sincerely and selflessly, risking your lives at the times of the Russian aggression", Poroshenko greeted the officers.

The law regarding the Special Ops unit in the country was developed in cooperation between Ukraine and NATO. Kyiv said, it fully corresponded to the Alliance's standards.

Ukraine also recently established the first Spec Ops training center. The tasks the officers will face are diversions, ambushes, target capture and evacuation and so on.

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The trainings of the servicemen-to-be are conducted under supervision of the NATO representatives.

The reform of Ukraine's special forces is part of the global changes, named Strategic Defense Bulletin, which are supposed to bring Ukrainian army to the whole new level. 

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