: How militant leaders force locals to stay in army

14:19 Aug. 6, 2016

How militant leaders force locals to stay in army

So called army of the Donetsk separatists prepares to hold the military parade in honor of 'Victory Day', May 7, 2016 (GettyImages Photo)

Separatist armed forces experience lack of manpower, Ukrainian intel claims

Separatist leaders in the Donetsk region have introduced an order, which regulates the so-called military enlistment contracts. This is according to the Defense intelligence of Ukraine.

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"Starting from July, militants must serve one, three or five years depending on their rank in the separatist army. In the case of early termination of the contract, the militants must pay compensation of up to 75% of received payment", Ukraine's Presidential Administration spokesman Oleksandr Motuzianyk said during a briefing in Kyiv on August 6.

The order had been introduced to address the problems the separatist armies experience, Motuzianyk said.

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"The move was caused by the shortages of manpower in the militant republic, and the reluctance of the locals to stay in the Russian-backed forces", he claimed.

At the same time, Motuzianyk failed to provide information on the payments the militants receive for serving in the separatist armies. 

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