Ukraine under attack: How Russia 'helps' people in war-torn Ukraine's East

11:24 Aug. 20, 2016

How Russia 'helps' people in war-torn Ukraine's East

Russian convoy for Eastern Ukraine (GettyImages Photo)

Kremlin keeps sending 'aid' to occupied parts of Ukraine despite Kyiv's categorical protests

The so-called Russian 55th humanitarian convoy is on its way to the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine. Loaded with alleged relief goods, the trucks are moving towards Rostov, where the formation of the column will take place on August 25. This is according to Russia's Emergency Ministry. 

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Moscow keeps claiming that the convoys only deliver food and pills to the regions which are left devastated after Russian-backed forces decided to separate from Ukraine.

This time, the Kremlin is also sending textbooks for schools and universities of Donbas, that are expected to differ from Ukraine's officially approved educational program. 

'More than 70 trucks with more than 600 tons of relief goods will compose 55th convoy. The cargo includes foodstuffs, medication, academic books which are essential for the educational institutions of Donbass, as the new academic year starts', Russian Ministry says. 

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Russia says it has delivered almost 64 thousand tons of humanitarian aid since August 2014. Ukraine has described the 'help' as a violation of its borders and a part of the Russian aggression, calling on Moscow to stop its illegal activities. 

While officially referring to the territories, where the convoys are sent to, as Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine, Russia still refuses to comply with Kyiv's demand to respect its territorial integrity. 

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