: Italian diplomat Mingarelli to become a new E.U. ambassador to Ukraine

14:03 Jun. 1, 2016

Italian diplomat Mingarelli to become a new E.U. ambassador to Ukraine

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Current E.U. representative Jan Tombinski is set to move to Europe in terms of regular rotation

An Italian diplomat Hugues Mingarelli is to be the new E.U. Ambassador to Ukraine.

The diplomatic cadres are being changed in terms of regular rotation on the position. The current E.U. Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Tombinski in turn will supposedly shift to some other European countries, the sources report. He has been working in Kyiv since summer 2012. Now the official will allegedly continue working in another European country.

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The first to head the E.U. Mission in Ukraine having opened in 2004 was a British politician Ian Bogue, later replaced by his Portuguese counterpart Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira. Tombinski arrived in Kyiv in 2012.

The newly appointed E.U. Ambassador to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli is famous for being at the forefront of the Association Agreement between European Union and Ukraine. Also Mingarelli was the chief negotiator with the E.U. on a "new enhanced agreement". However, the Italian was among those reluctant to name the Agreement between Kyiv and Brussels with the notion "Association".

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