Gone wild: Kremlin explains its withdrawal from The Hague court treaty

17:12 Nov. 16, 2016

Kremlin explains its withdrawal from The Hague court treaty

Russian President Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov (AP photo)

Russia is acting for its international interests, the Kremlin's spokesman says

The Kremlin disagreed with The International Criminal Court in calling Russia's Crimea annexation in 2014 an armed conflict with Ukraine, so it decided to denounce its allegiance to The Hague institution, the country's president spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed on Monday, answering the UNIAN journalist question. 

"This formulation absolutely contradicts reality , it contradicts our position and the position that the people of Crimea had expressed at the referendum as they were deciding to enter the Russian Federation," Peskov said. 

"The Donbas conflict is a civil war in Ukraine, it's a Ukraine's internal conflict," he stressed, noting that the Russian Federation has never been under The ICC jurisdiction de jure. 

Denouncing the ICC's Rome Treaty, Russia took up its position acting from the perspective of its national interests, Peskov explained. 

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As reported previously, the Russian president Vladimir Putin issued on Wednesday a decree ordering to refuse from ratifying the Rome statute on the ICC that it signed in 2000 but never approved since then. This means that Russian citizens cannot be judged by The International Criminal Court in The Hague for any crimes committed within the territory of the states that had ratified the agreement. 

Earlier, the ICC provided its official definition of Russia's annexation of Crimea as the international Russia-Ukraine armed conflict. Although no decisions on criminal investigations on Russia were made so far, the official definition casts the ground for the probable accusations of Russian supreme authorities in the future. 

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