: Lessons of Ukraine for Australian army

11:37 Jul. 8, 2016

Lessons of Ukraine for Australian army

Two Australian soldiers from 7 Brigade Headquarters man a gun pit as part of exercise Talisman Sabre on July 9, 2015 in Rockhampton, Australia. (GettyImages Photo)

Official website of Australian military publishes article on Ukraine conflict and experience Canberra can get out of it

The ongoing struggle in Ukraine between government forces and Russian backed separatists offers an important chance to prepare for the future operations if Australia is clever enough to grasp the opportunity, writes Brigadier Michael Ryan in his article.

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The author analyzes the technologies and equipment used in Ukraine as well as the tactics of the Russian military.

"The tactics employed by the Russians are clearly very effective – and copying tactics is a relatively low cost opportunity for our potential adversaries", Ryan writes.

He calls on the Australian military institutions to learn from the conflict in Ukraine as this experience could be crucial for the war theatres where Australia might participate.

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"Our professional military education must incorporate detailed study of Ukraine operations – of both sides – to draw relevant lessons for our Army.  The operations in Ukraine and Syria represent harbingers of future land operations.  The types of land operations we have witnessed in Ukraine represent the new normal in land combat", the article says.

In his article Ryan states, a combination of conventional and unconventional options must be a part of the military education. 

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