: Locals block movement of Ukraine military in Donetsk region (photos)

12:36 Jul. 5, 2016

Locals block movement of Ukraine military in Donetsk region (photos)

Ukrainian army reps speak to locals in the city of Toretsk in Donetsk region (Photo source: facebook.com/Vyacheslav.Abroskin)

City of Toretsk reminds of the beginning of the war, when in early 2014 local citizens tried to prevent Ukrainian soldiers from fighting off the separatists

Around a hundred local citizens in government-controlled Toretsk in the Donetsk region attempted to block the movement of Ukrainian military late in the evening of July 4.

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According to the regional police chief Vyacheslav Abroskin, the protest was organized by a group of persons who support the Russian-backed separatists. Abroskin claimed, these persons had criminal background and were intoxicated.

"The militants are losing their "support" among the locals, and now using ex-convicts and people's fear of war as a tool to destabilize the city", Abroskin posted in Facebook.

Alleged protester. Photo by facebook.com/Vyacheslav.Abroskin

The police chief said the mayor of Toretsk hadn't tried to resolve the issue. Having exhausted their options, the police decided to arrest the organizers of this action.

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"They tried to hide when we arrived. They didn't think the police would act so actively. The militants wanted to repeat the early 2014 events, when professional provokers from the "Russian world" pretended to be the local citizens. But 2014 will never repeat itself, it's time everyone got used to that", Abroskin underlined.


Police was mobilized to defuse the situation. Photo by facebook.com/Vyacheslav.Abroskin

As the chief said, the arrest will go on trial over their night activities.

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