Lviv city managing its trash disposal: Lviv authorities are still looking for ways to solve their rubbish problems
News18:24 Sep. 30, 2016

Lviv authorities are still looking for ways to solve their rubbish problems

EBRD may invest EUR 40 mln in Lviv's landfill and recycling plant

Locals of the village of Malekhiv, neighboring Hrybovychi refuse dump, havn't allowed anyone to bring any rubbish to the landfill.

The village council under the pressure of a local community unanimously voted against an agreement with the Lviv city council concerning rubbish disposal. According to it, Malekhiv allows expanding a territory of Hrybovychi landfill to bring more trash to the site. In return, Lviv promises to build a new school, ambulance station, centralized water supply, sewage system and road construction.

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Local residents denied the proposal and didn't allow the disposal of rubbish to the Hrybovychi disposal dump. They also didn't allow the building of a recycling plant in the area of the village.

"They want to build us a school and make us live near a zone of an ecological disaster for the rest of our life"Nadiya Kruchkovska, local of Malekhiv village, said

On September 27, Ukraine's government let Lviv local authorities reconstruct Hrybovychi landfill involving investments. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development may provide EUR 30 mln for the tragic landfill and EUR 10 mln for building a recycling plant for next 25 years.

The incident in Hrybovychi happened in early June, when tons of aggregated trash collapsed covering three firemen and an ecological activist. After that, Lviv authorities have been constantly researching on how to solve the issue with the local rubbish problem.

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