: Militant "hero" Motorola survives assassination attempt in Donetsk (video)

14:59 Jun. 24, 2016

Militant "hero" Motorola survives assassination attempt in Donetsk (video)

A war lord Arseniy Pavlov, also known as Motorola (C) in occupied Donetsk (GettyImages Photo)

Blast in city center allegedly targeted Motorola, who earlier confessed to executing 15 unarmed Ukrainian soldiers, captured by the separatists 

A loud blast was reported in the center of the militant stronghold Donetsk in the morning of Friday, June 24. The explosion, which rocked the local traumatology building, was an assassination attempt on one of the separatist "heroes", Russian-born Arseniy Pavlov, also known as Motorola.

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This fact was confirmed by the so-called local authorities of the occupied Donetsk region. According to the separatists, a car packed with explosives went off in the city, damaging several other vehicles parked nearby. Motorola, who had allegedly arrived at the traumatology to receive medical treatment, wasn't harmed. No casualties or injuries were reported after the blast.

So far no one has assumed responsibility for the deed. However, the Russian-backed separatists have previously blamed Ukrainian saboteurs for similar attempts.

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Motorola emerged on the Ukrainian radars after his participation in the battles for the Donetsk airport. In the last year there were reports of several attempts on his life, organised by Ukrainian guerilla fighters.

Motorola is wanted by Ukraine's law enforcers not only as a member of the separatist groups. In April 2015 in an interview with Kyiv Post he confessed to executing 15 unarmed Ukrainian soldiers, who were captured by the militants. 

video source: youtube.com/TheSmirnovproducer

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