: Militants allegedly "nationalize" Ukrainian property in occupied Donbas

11:57 Jul. 2, 2016

Militants allegedly "nationalize" Ukrainian property in occupied Donbas

Armed separatists in Donbas (UNIAN Photo)

Armed separatists take control of Ukraine's state power company office in Horlivka, force staff to work for them.

A group of armed separatists  in occupied Horlivka stormed the office of Ukraine's state power company Ukrenergo, which supplies electrical energy to the region. The militants blocked the work of the organization and forced the local staff to obey their orders, according to a statement made by Ukrenergo official reps.

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"Sources say, this takeover was conducted in accordance with the order, given by the so-called authorities, to "nationalize" the property of Ukraine in the occupied territories", the message said.

Ukrenergo say, the armed combatants are making the staff resigning. They want the employees to work for them in a similar company, created by the separatist "government".

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"Prohibiting the professionals from doing their job and replacing them with unskilled men threaten the stable work of the company and the reliability of the energy system in occupied Donbas", Ukrenergo underlined.

The company added, militants' actions are a violation of the Minsk agreements.

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