Battles in Donbas: Militants suffer painful fiasco in Avdiivka

15:38 Oct. 28, 2016

Militants suffer painful fiasco in Avdiivka

Ukrainian soldier fires toward positions of Russian-backed militants near Avdiivka, outside Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, on Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015. (AP Photo)

Seven combatants dead and almost 20 wounded in latest fierce battles for the town, Kyiv says

The Russian-backed separatist forces took heavy losses in its failed attack on the industrial zone in the government-controlled Avdiivka.

Kyiv said that at least seven militants had been killed and another 17 wounded in the battles.

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‘Yesterday's aggressive actions have cost the enemy dearly. Enemy losses over the past day have been confirmed', Ukraine's Defense Ministry spokesman Andriy Lysenko said in a statement on October 28.

‘The lion's share of the losses was in the so-called 10th regiment and a separate assault battalion of the 1st Army Corps of the combined Russian-occupation forces', he added.

Mr. Lysenko claimed that the separatists had planned to push the Ukrainian forces back from their positions in the town. Russian commandment deployed several hundred militants from two different units to carry out the offensive, as well as several batteries of artillery, supported by drones.

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‘After a powerful artillery fire from 82-mm mortars and 152mm howitzers, the invaders tried to storm our positions. Reinforcements arrived to repel an attack on the cutting edge of our defense. Clashes ended in our favor, and the enemy was forced to retreat in disgrace, having suffered losses,' Lysenko said.

Based on reporting by UNIAN 

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