: Moscow avenue in Kyiv renamed after controversial Stepan Bandera

14:10 Jul. 7, 2016

Moscow avenue in Kyiv renamed after controversial Stepan Bandera

Moscow avenue in Kyiv has been renamed after controversial historical figure Stepan Bandera (UNIAN Photo)

Bandera was Ukrainian political activist and leader of nationalist movement in first half of 20th century 

Moscow avenue in Kyiv has been renamed after a controversial historical figure Stepan Bandera.

The decision was approved on June 7 by 87 out of 97 deputies of the Kyiv city council, according to UNIAN. 

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Stepan Bandera was a political activist and a leader of Ukrainian nationalist and independence movement during the first half of the 20th century.

Bandera is honored among many Ukrainians, who say he fought for the country's freedom from the Soviet Union. He is also considered a hero among local nationalist groups, including the Right Sector.

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Russia, in turn, condemns this personality, claiming Bandera allegedly cooperated with Nazi Germany to oppose the Communists.

The attitude towards Bandera in Poland is also negative, with Poles accusing him of radical nationalism and terrorism.

Along with the Moscow avenue, four other streets have lost their Soviet names. 

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