: Moscow claims NATO is two-faced

17:43 Apr. 27, 2016

Moscow claims NATO is two-faced

'Moscow is disappointed with NATO's military policy," - Kremlin

Russia's Foreign Affairs Minister Lavrov claims NATO's policy in Eastern Europe fuels tension

Russia is disappointed with NATO's policy in Central and Eastern Europe, this is according to that country's Defence and Foreign Affairs ministers. During the opening of the 5th Moscow International Security Conference, both Sergey Shoygu and Sergey Lavrov insisted that the Alliance is guilty of provoking Russian authorities.

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Recently Russia's Foreign Affairs Minister Lavrov stated that north-eastern Europe has become a zone of constantly increasing tension, and Russia is not to blame here. Lavrov claims NATO's anti-Russian policy is the reason for growing concerns. He thinks stationing the missile defence systems in Romania and Poland is a violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty of 1987.

"The Alliance encourages us for mutual cooperation and suggests we should revive confidence and make our policy transparent to each other. But this will never happen unless NATO stops challenging Russia on the plea of its deterring," says Lavrov.

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Russia's Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu added that Russia has to withstand an informational war from the west and therefore the renewed partnership with NATO has yet to bring the expected results.

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