: NATO will never change position on Crimea - Stoltenberg

14:34 Nov. 15, 2016

NATO will never change position on Crimea - Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg answers questions about the U.S. presidential election at the NATO headquarters in Brussels (AP photo)

It's okay that Trump speaks to the world leaders, including Putin, the NATO secretary general says

The fact that the Russian president Putin has spoken to the U.S. president-elect Donald Trump is regular and must not be bothering, although NATO will never recognise violation of  territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, the Alliance secretary general Jens Stoltenberg claimed on Tuesday, the UNIAN agency reports. 

"Above all, I think this is very normal when Trump speaks to the world leaders, including the Russian leader. And the NATO message was on whether we want a dialogue with Russia," Stoltenberg claimed in Brussels while answering the question if the time has come to normalise relations with Russian. 

Russia is the largest NATO's neighbour and will stay being it, he also said.  

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"Specifically in the time of great tensions, when we face so many challenges in the security field, it's important to uphold a dialogue, to have the open channels for political dialogue with Russia. So NATO's message is that there's no contradiction between a strong defence and the political dialogue," Stoltenberg noted. 

"So that's why we'll never accept violations of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, and this is the reason why we react to the Russian aggression against Ukraine this way", he also said. 

As previously reported, Donald Trump and the Russian leader Vladimir Putin had their first telephone conversation on Monday. 

The conversation was arranged by the Russian initiative. The two discussed the actual problems in the U.S.-Russia relations and both found them as being in unacceptably poor condition, according to the reports.

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During his bid for the White House, the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke out for repairing relations with Russia, expressed his admiration of the Russian president Vladimir Putin and cast doubts on the NATO and U.S. defensive guarantees for the European allies, including the Baltic states, that are considered being under high danger of the Russian invasion. 

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