Military coup in Turkey: Nearly 3,000 arrested as Erdogan declares 'coup attempt is over'

15:36 Jul. 16, 2016

Nearly 3,000 arrested as Erdogan declares 'coup attempt is over'

Groups of soldiers involved in the coup attempt in Turkey surrender on Istanbul's Bosphorus bridge with their hands raised on July 16, 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. (GettyImages Photo)

Death tolls rises to 161, another 1440 wounded after the military clashes 

The number of the servicemen detained in Turkey has skyrocketed as 2,839 have been arrested after a failed coup attempt in the country's biggest cities, Reuters reports. Among them are ordinary soldiers as well as high-ranking officers, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says. 

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Turkish media inform, hundreds of people are being taken into custody every hour as official government restores its control over the country. Around a hundred allegedly pro-coup servicemen have been detained at Diyarbakir Airbase in southeast Turkey, security sources claim. 

Turkish Forces are attempting to suppress the resisting remnants as President Erdogan announces that the "coup is over."

"The government is in control, so far as we believe, so far as we're alive, we'll be prepared to die in the cause to tackle these people ... we're not going to compromise", Erdogan addressed the crowds in Istanbul, according to CNN. 

Local news agency Anadolu also reports, five members of Turkish High Judiciary court board HSYK have been removed following the coup attempt.

Additionally, Ankara demands that Greece must extradite eight Turkish soldiers that earlier fled to Alexandroupolis city in a Black Hawk helicopter. Athens, in turn, is going to examine the soldiers' request for political asylum, two Greek government sources said.

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The overthrow attempt started late Friday. The militaries blocked the roads in Istanbul and Ankara with tanks, closed airports, bombed the parliament buildings, and stormed the intelligence headquarters and presidential palace.

Fethullah Gulen, the exiled cleric whom President Erdogan accused of plotting, denies any role in the coup.

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