Mobilization in Ukraine: No plans for next wave of mobilization, Ukraine military rep says

13:40 Sep. 27, 2016

No plans for next wave of mobilization, Ukraine military rep says

Ukrainian soldiers and military vehicles participate the military march at Independence Square in Kyiv, Ukraine, 24 August 2016.  (GettyImages Photo)

Contract soldiers are expected to cover the needs of the country's armed forces

Shortly after President Poroshenko signed a demobilization decree, rumors emerged in Ukraine that a new wave of mobilization is necessary to make up for the soldiers that went home.

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However, later Ukrainian military representatives dismissed these claims.

‘The General Staff (of the Ukrainian armed forces) has no plans for the seventh wave of mobilization. Contract soldiers are planned to replace the demobilized servicemen', said Volodymyr Talalai, deputy chief of the General Staff.

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Talalai added, the number of contract soldiers amount to about 6,000 per month. Thus, Kyiv expects up to twenty thousand will enlist in the army before the end of the year, which will cover the needs of the Armed Forces.

According to Ukraine's Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksiy, more than 53,000 servicemen have signed a contract with the army this year. About 6,000 of them are officers. 

Based on reporting by UNIAN 

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