: North Korean factory employees are working for 70 days straight without going home
News17:39 Mar. 18, 2016

North Korean factory employees are working for 70 days straight without going home

Workers say their "campaign" aims at proving loyalty to the ruling political party 

This shoe factory in Pyongyang is revving up its production to support the "70-day battle" campaign launched by the government.

The movement is dedicated to the Seventh Congress of the Working Party of Korea.

Ahead of the congress, all employees must stay permanently at work.

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"In the past, our daily schedule was to start work in the morning and go home in the evening. But now in the run-up to the 7th WPK Congress, we don't leave the workplace until we fulfil our work plan. Nobody forces us stay here, but with our patriotic and loyal will, we eat and sleep here in order to work in accordance to the plan of our Marshal," Ro Yong Hui says.

This is not the first time North Korea has required its people to work for several months non-stop. In 2009 all workers were forbidden to go home for 250 days. During such "battles" all companies must exceed their regular plans to please their leaders.

"Now we have turned into an all-out working status to accomplish the year's plan before the 7th WPK Congress. With our pride to work at the factory, which our Marshal has visited three times, we will work very hard and exceed our daily targets by 200%," factory manager Jin Song Ho says. 

The Employees' presence at work is constantly monitored. Local propagandists often visit them to give instructions.

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"Guides from the Wonsok Revolutionary site came here to make travelling lectures. We are here to give strength and courage to the employees of the Wonsan Shoe Factory who are working day and night with the will to fulfil the year plan during the 70-day campaign," revolutionary site guide Kim Un Simwonsok says.

The Seventh congress of the Workers party is set to take place in early May. It will be the first party summit in more than 35 years.


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