: Eastern Ukrainian town caught in the line of fire (updated)
Politics10:59 Apr. 4, 2016

Eastern Ukrainian town caught in the line of fire (updated)

Avdiyivka is a strategic point between Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed separatist forces

This is Avdiyivka in eastern Ukraine. A frontline town caught in the line of fire. The battle rages on here, not on the outskirts but almost in the middle of Avdiyivka.

The fighting is non-stop. From the edge of the town the soldiers constantly hear a barrage of fire from the Russian-backed separatist forces. The Ukrainian military is trying to defend its position as much as it can, but servicemen say it's hard without knowing precisely how many enemy troops are out there.

'The Genie', Ukrainian soldiers: "They're somewhere across the line. Behind the building, that's where they're at... and our troops are trying to get them out of there."

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The number of Russian-backed separatist forces is unknown to Ukrainian servicemen. They say, during the night there are usually two groups. Those, that attempt to surround them, and those that shoot at them simultaneously.

Locals claim the bullets are non-stop from both sides. They blame the Russian-backed separatist forces as well as the Ukrainian army. Most, just want peace and quiet back.

Ukrainian soldiers think the opponents won't leave Avdiyivka alone since the town is a strategic point between Ukraine and the occupied territory of Donetsk region.

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