: Poland to invest 11 million Euro in drone building

15:22 May. 10, 2016

Poland to invest 11 million Euro in drone building

Photography drone flying in blue clear sky. Toronto, Canada. April, 18, 2016. (GettyImages)

Deputy Prime Minister: Poland is to take leading position in the industry

Poland is set to invest more than 11 million Euro in drone technologies' innovations. Money are to be raised in terms of a new program under National centre for research and development.

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"Air industry in whole and drone engineering in particular may be one of the crucial Poland's industry branches. The country disposes of numerous air plants owned and conducted by huge corporations, as well as smaller enterprises," says Poland's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin.

Recently one of the most prominent drone producers opened its first global excellence centre in Poland, concentrating mainly on the drone technology usage and business data analysis. According to the company, commercializing drone usage in sectors from construction to insurance could lead to the disruption of 5 billion in traditional industries.

Along with the U.S.A. and Israel Poland is said to be one of the most prominent drone producers. Experts predict in the near future Poland's drone outlet will constitute at least 10% of national air industry.

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