: Polish citizens are not against abortions

13:16 May. 10, 2016

Polish citizens are not against abortions

People protest against government plans for the tightening of anti-abortion laws on April 24, 2016 in Gdansk, Poland. (GettyImages)

Public opinion survey reveals majority does not support complete ban

Poles are against complete abortion ban. This is according to a recent survey by Polish Public Opinion Research Centre (CBOS), Radio Poland reports.

The poll indicates nearly 84% of respondents say abortions must be permitted, as long as pregnancy endangers woman's life. 74% suggest the procedure be allowed in case the woman has been raped.

Since 1993, Poland has had one of the most stringent abortion laws in Europe. The procedure is only permitted if a woman's life or health are jeopardised by further pregnancy, if the pregnancy is a result of a crime like rape or incest, or if the fetus is seriously malformed. The abortion must be carried out within the first 25 weeks of the pregnancy.

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Pro-life NGO organisation advocating the ban gathered 100, 000 signatures in favour of complete abortion ban under the slogan "Stop Abortion". The action was further supported by Roman Catholic Church in an open letter to MPs and Senators.

Poland's Prime Minister Beata Szydło from the "Law and Justice" party allegedly favours complete abortion ban. The authorities' position forced many people out to the streets in order to defend the rights of the pro-choice adherents.

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