New rallies: Protests in central Kyiv go on for second day

12:27 Nov. 16, 2016

Protests in central Kyiv go on for second day

Protests in the Hrushevskoho street in Kyiv

New rallies are being held near the National Bank office

Crowds gather in central Kyiv on Wednesday for the second day of protests in the government quarter, the Ukrainian media report. 

Columns of people started gathering at about 10 AM near the Сentral Post Office in the Hreshatyk street and in the Instytutska street near the subway station. 

At 10.20 AM, the protesters, mostly elderly people and students, came to the National Bank office and stood in silence, the reporters say. The total number of them reach up to 2000.

By now, 2300 law enforcers are guarding the central part of the city, according to Kyiv police chief Andriy Kishenko. The police will not interfere with peaceful rallies, but will be ensuring security and order in the streets. 

A series of rallies near the Ukrainian parliament and the National Bank started in the central Kyiv on Tuesday. Yesterday, as many as 6000 protesters gathered in the government quarter, although no violations or disorders were registered by the police. 

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Some say the protests were masterminded and paid for by the pro-Russian Opposition Block party and the Batkivshina parliamentary fraction headed by Julia Tymoshenko. 

Also, the SBU security service earlier claimed that November 15 protests were orchestrated and masterminded by Moscow, as it tried to destabilise Ukraine. On November 17, new rallies are expected in Kyiv, this time against the tariff escalations. According to an SBU spokesperson, these rallies are meant to initiate blocking the governmental structures and further destabilisation of the situation in Ukraine. 

Also, the present protests in Kyiv may be the part of the Piston-rod plan, revealed after alleged hack of the Russian president's aide Vladislav Surkov's e-mail archive, the SBU officials claim. 

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