: North Korea launches a new missile in the sea
News13:43 Mar. 18, 2016

North Korea launches a new missile in the sea

Neighbouring countries demand to stop the provocations and abide by the U.N. resolutions

Tensions on the Korean peninsula are rising. South Korean is condemning a launch by the North of a ballistic missile.

The rocket is said to have flown about 800 kilometres before hitting the sea off the peninsula's east coast. Seoul says it could have been a medium-range missile. If confirmed, this would the first time since 2014 that North Korea has deployed a weapon capable of reaching Japan.

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"Our military takes the development of the situation on North Korea's nuclear and missile programme seriously . North Korea's missile launch is a frontal attack against the UN Security Council Resolution and a significant threat to peace and stability in the international society," South Korean Defence Ministry Spokesman Moon Sang-Gyun said.

China and Japan meanwhile are calling for a halt to provocations and are urging Pyongyang to abide by UN Security Council resolutions.

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"We urge the North Korean side to implement the UN Security Council's relevant resolution. At the time, we also hope all relevant sides can maintain calm and restraint and avoid taking any action that would further exacerbate tensions on the Korean peninsula," Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang said.

This latest missile launch comes after the North conducted a nuclear weapons test in January. In response, the UN Security Council imposed new sanctions blocking individuals and enterprises from doing business with the North Korea.


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