: Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine issue 'passports'
News18:50 Mar. 17, 2016

Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine issue 'passports'

Militants say breakaway South Ossetia and Russia recognise the document 

Russian-backed separatist forces in the occupied territory of Donetsk region have begun issuing their own passports.

Spokesman Oleksandr Zakharchenko helped hand out the new travel documents. Unfortunetly, the passports are very limited. They can only be used for travel to Russia and South Ossetia.

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Aleksandr Zakharchenko, Russian-backed separatist forces spokesman: "South Ossetia has recognized our passport. Russia has recognized our passport. What other countries do you need? All other countries will recognize it, too. We will make them recognize it."

When asked what will happen with Ukrainian passports, he replies. "Well, I'll tell you. I'll shoot mine"

Zakharchenko said that the passport will be required for residents of the occupied Donetsk region to take part in upcoming local elections, which have yet to be scheduled.

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