Justice for all: Russia initiates prosecuting its citizen who fought for Ukraine in Donbas

11:44 Nov. 16, 2016

Russia initiates prosecuting its citizen who fought for Ukraine in Donbas

A member of a far-right youth group called Right Anarchist, prepares to shoot his Kalashnikov in a makeshift camp organized by the ultra-nationalist Eurasian Youth Union, on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia (AP photo)

Dmitry Fedotov is accused of being a mercenary

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against a Russian national who had fought on Ukraine's side in the Donbas war. 

The investigators accuse Dmitry Fedotov of mersenarism and participating in warfare, which is a punishable offence in the Russian legislation, the UNIAN agency reports. 

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In April 2014, Dmitry Fedotov left his family in his hometown of Kingisepp near St. Petersburgh and arrived in Kyiv to join the anti-government rallies in Ukraine. Later, he trained at the Aidar volunteer battalion camp and then participated in combat against the pro-Russian troops in Donbas. 

Russian officials accuse him of participation in war for the purpose of benefication.

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At the same time, the Russian authorities contradict this law by inciting its citizens to join the Kremlin-backed illegal combat units fighting against Ukraine in Donbas. In pro-Kremlin media, Russian mercenaries fighting against Ukraine are usually called home guards or volunteer militia fighters. 

Tens of thousands of the Russian nationals are participaing in Donbas conflict, in both Russian army contingent and irregular combat units, holding a commanding positions. 

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