: Russia is strengthening Crimea's coastal guard with new arms – Ukraine's Border Service

18:14 Aug. 5, 2016

Russia is strengthening Crimea's coastal guard with new arms – Ukraine's Border Service

Board guard cruiser "Sobol" (Source: Wikipedia/Alex Omen)

Two border guard cruisers were delivered to peninsula increasing Russian military capabilities in Crimea

The Russian Federation continues to amplify sea guard divisions of Federal Security Forces (FSB) border unit in Crimea.

"On July 30, two border guard cruisers ‘Sobol' were transported to the Crimean city of Balaklava from the ship-building plant ‘Almaz', St. Petersburg", Oleh Slobodian, spokesman for Ukraine's Border Service, said on August 4.

Ukraine's Border Service previously reported that Russia brought military equipment and personnel from Krasnodar region to the administrative border in occupied Crimea.

On July 27, Sergei Shoigu, Russia's Defense Minister, declared that annexed Crimea has a self-sufficient group of Russian army as a response to NATO expansion in Eastern Europe. 

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According to Black Sea navy chief Alexander Vitko, Russia is planning to transfer three newly constructed frigates to the occupied city of Sevastopol. The first warship Admiral Grigorovich has already been deployed in Sevastopol, another one, Admiral Essen, is going to be transferred from the Baltic Sea. The third frigate Admiral Makarov will arrive at the Russian-occupied sea port by the end of 2016.

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