Russia's involvement in Syria: Russian mercenaries claim hundreds of their ‘colleagues' were killed in Syria – Sky News

15:26 Aug. 10, 2016

Russian mercenaries claim hundreds of their ‘colleagues' were killed in Syria – Sky News

Syria's Palmyra was retaken by government forces, reportedly backed by Russian military (AP Photo)

The mercenaries claim they were paid thousands of dollars for fighting against rebel forces

Several young Russian men claim hundreds of mercenaries, that came to Syria from Russia, have died in fighting against local rebel forces. The mercenaries were allegedly hired by a "highly secretive" private military company called ‘Wagner', according to Sky News.

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The young men say they were thrown into firefights with anti-Assad forces for about USD 3800 a month.

"Approximately 500 to 600 people have died there. No one will ever find out about them…. that's the scariest thing. No one will ever know", one of the young men Dmitry said in the interview.

When he was signed on, Dmitry handed over his passport. After returning to Russia, he went to the training base to retrieve his documents but was arrested by police. An officer told him that Wagner ‘does not exist'.

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Dmitry told Sky News that there are 50 other men - Wagner survivors - now walking the streets of Moscow, traumatized and without papers.

"No one knows me. They just threw me away.", he said.

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