: Russian pilot officially accused of violating Poland's air space

15:23 Aug. 9, 2016

Russian pilot officially accused of violating Poland's air space

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The man is said to have crossed the temporary borders without permission and clarifying his intentions

The Office of Public Prosecutor of the city of Częstochowa in southern Poland officially accused the Russian pilot in violating Poland's airspace in late July.

46-year-old Russian pilot is said to have violated the norms of Poland's Air Code. The incident happened on July 29th when Polish air forces detected an unknown plane in one of the seven zones restricted for flights. Air space around Krakow was temporarily closed for security purposes in view of the World Youth Day unfolding in the city. According to the spokesman of the Office of Public Prosecutor Tomasz Ozimek, the jet ignored the radio warnings. In a while, a couple of Polish fighter planes F-16 set off to the sky forcing the unidentified aviette to the ground.

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After landing at the airfield of Radom-Piastów in east-central Poland it was figured out the aerobatic jet Extra 330 SC steered by a Russian pilot was heading from Czechia to the Polish city of Radom for competition.

Polish investigators claim the pilot was obliged to inform Polish authorities in advance of his intentions to cross the border, for in view of the World Youth Day Poland had launched temporary border control from July 4th to August 2nd. Additionally, the man did not provide any flight plan with the supposed route and destination.

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The investigators interrogated the pilot. He did not consider himself guilty, insisting instead on paying the fine of 2,300 U.S. dollars. According to the Polish criminal code, the court may fine the accused person, unless the potential term of imprisonment provided is no longer than 8 years behind bars. Russian pilot may theoretically be sentenced to five years in prison. The final decision is to be met by the public prosecutor in the upcoming days.

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