: Self-proclaimed Crimean authorities invite Jamala to Russia-occupied peninsula

16:35 May. 16, 2016

Self-proclaimed Crimean authorities invite Jamala to Russia-occupied peninsula

Ukraine's Jamala performs again the song '1944' after winning the Eurovision Song Contest final in Stockholm, Sweden, Sunday, May 15, 2016. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

She would rather change the citizenship and omit the deportation issue - Crimean officials

Self-proclaimed Crimean authorities offered Jamala to change her citizenship from Ukrainian to Russian and perform on the Russia-occupied peninsula.

"Crimea is her native homeland, therefore, we are always eager to welcome Jamala here. All she needs now is to pass formal procudures of changing her citizenship," said so called "deputy prime minister" of Russia-occupied Crimea Georgiy Muradov.

The only condition is to be met, states the self proclaimed official. The issue of Crimean Tatars' deportation in 1944 must be off agenda, since in the XXI century the reality has changed dramatically. Ukraine got one of the highest marks from Russian TV audience only due to the Crimean population, insists Muradov.

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Ukrainian singer Susana Jamaladinova, known under her stage name Jamala, won 61st Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm on May, 14th. Having scored 543 points, she left behind the main favourites of the show from Australia and Russia. The song "1944" devoted to the mass deportation of the Crimean Tatars under the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin deeply angered Russian authorities who had claimed earlier to ban Jamala from participating for being too focused on political issues.

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Later the self-proclaimed chairman of the so called Crimean parliament admitted the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest might be held in Crimea where Jamala is initially from.

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