Tensions in Donetsk: So who killed Motorola?

10:00 Oct. 18, 2016

So who killed Motorola?

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Donetsk separatist leader pointed finger at party allegedly responsible for blowing up Russian warlord 

While Ukraine says it wasn't involved in the murder of Russian warlord Arseniy Pavlov aka Motorola, the militants were fast to accuse Kyiv of organizing the assassination.

Oleksandr Zakharchenko, the man who is in charge of the combatants in Donetsk, claims that the masterminds behind the deed are officers of Ukraine's Security Service, the SBU.

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‘For now I can say, the operation was designed by the SBU', Zakharchenko alleged in an interview with Russian media, Ukrainian news agency UNIAN reports.

At the same time, the militant leader added that it was too early to make any conclusions, because what he called ‘an investigation' was ongoing in separatist-held Donetsk.

As was reported earlier, one of the militant leaders, a Russian citizen Arseniy Pavlov aka ‘Motorola', ‘colonel' and chief of ‘Sparta' battalion, was reported to have been blown up in an elevator in Donetsk.

In Ukraine, "Motorola" is accused of war crimes, including the shooting of unarmed prisoners. 15 such murders he confessed by himself.

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Pavlov is not even close to being the first militant, mysteriously killed in the conflict zone.

The commander of the ‘Ghost battalion' Mozgovoy, so-called Cossack Dryomov, another high-ranking combatant Bednov aka Batman, or pro-Russian figure from Kharkiv Zhilin – they all were assassinated by mysterious ‘Ukrainian sabotage groups', as militants themselves often claim. 

Kyiv, in turn, has repeatedly said these individuals most likely have been killed by either their 'partners' over the control of contraband in the region, or Russia which has been eliminating 'unwanted' figures.

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As reported, Russia-controlled territories of Donbas are seeing the continuous blood purge of militant warlords and 'officials'. A month ago Russian army colonel Osipov became a victim of separatist showdownand  ex-Luhansk 'Prime Minister' was arrested by separatists, then allegedly 'committed suicide'. One more militant leader, Evgeniy Zhilin, was killed near MoscowThis case was the first example of killing the leaders of Kremlin-backed militants on Russian soil. Previous murders of top sepatatists, who became inconvenient for Moscow, took place in Donbas, only, like it was in Aleksandr Bednov or Aleksey Mozgovoy cases. Ukrainian sources – among them media and volunteers – earlier informed about the involvement of the Russian mercenary "Wagner group" in those operations. Later Russian FSB openly intervened,arresting Luhansk separatists' "parliament speaker". Western analysts called militant bloody purge in Donbas 'a politics of a street gang'.

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