European Wall: Something wrong with 'Great Wall of Ukraine'

12:03 Oct. 11, 2016

Something wrong with 'Great Wall of Ukraine'

Ukraine's wall on the border with Russia (UNIAN Photo)

The project, which is supposed to protect Ukraine from Russian invasion, is investigated by country's Anti-Corruption Bureau

Ukraine's barrier on its border with Russia is supposed to protect the country from a possible repetition of Moscow's aggression.

However, the project, presented by the previous Prime Minister Arsenii Yatsenyuk two years ago, is far from complete.

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Millions of dollars have been put into the building of the barrier, which has become a subject of an investigation, conducted by Ukraine's recently-formed Anti-Corruption Bureau.

‘There are some problems with the wall', the head of the institution Artem Sytnyk said in an interview with Interfax.

‘We are seeing certain discrepancies, but it's still too early to talk about the damage and the list of suspects', he added.

Sytnyk said, there was a lot of work ahead for his detectives.

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‘Different people were responsible for different sections of the wall, and there is quite a big list of individuals that we need to look into and make decisions about', the Anti-Corruption Bureau chief concluded.

According to the project, the barrier is a combination of fortified walls, ditches and trenches and dedicated look-out towers for monitoring.

The construction process is stretched out for over 4 years, and costs approximately 4 billion UAH (USD 150 mln). Ukraine is reliant on financial help from the EU to complete the barrier.

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In December, 2015 Kyiv reported about several hundreds of kilometers along the border, where the wall had already been built.

The project has been repeatedly criticized by Ukrainian politicians and experts as ineffective and possibly corrupt. 

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