Syrian war: Syrian opposition wants EU sanctions against Russia

12:49 Oct. 8, 2016

Syrian opposition wants EU sanctions against Russia

A civil defense member rescues a boy from wreckage after a barrel bomb attack staged by Syrian army in the opposition-controlled Mashhad district of Aleppo, Syria on July 25, 2016. (GettyImages Photo)

'At least 400 killed in eastern Aleppo since start of Assad and Russia's bombardment campaing', an opposition figure said

The opposition in Syria, High Negotiations Committee (HNC) urges the European Union to impose sanctions on Russia in response to Moscow's activities in the war-torn country.

This is reported by Turkish state-run news agency Anadolu. 

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The HNC member, Bassma Kodmani has called on the EU to 'consider every option' to protect the people in Syria. 

'Advanced Russian weaponry, including 'Bunker Buster' bombs used against civilian and medical infrastructure are causing unprecedented destruction and civilian casualties, particularly in Eastern Aleppo. At least 400 civilians have been killed there since the start of the regime's and Russia's indiscriminate bombardment campaign', Kodmani said in a statement. 

He said that the EU must introduce sanctions against Russian officials and companies for 'targeting civilians and medical infrastructure', as well as those that finance 'the Assad regime'. 

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'The EU successfully sanctioned Russia over its role in Ukraine. It is also in Europe's interest to pursue all options to end the catastrophe in Syria and its global consequences: the refugee crisis and terror threat', the opposition figure said. 

Russia has been conducting air strikes in Syria, saying its bombers are only targeting radical terrorist groups of the Islamic State. 

The West, in turn, has said Russia is supporting Assad's dictatorship.

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