Reelection demanded: Thousands protest against election results in Moldova

17:37 Nov. 14, 2016

Thousands protest against election results in Moldova

People walk under a huge flag of Moldova during a protest outside the electoral authority headquarters in Chisinau (AP photo)

Pro-European activists pledge to appeal the presidential elections results 

Thousands of people are protesting in the Moldovian capital Chisinau, expressing their discontent with the results of the recent presidential elections, the Jurnal outlet reports. 

The crowds of people accuse the authorities of a rigged election and demand the third ballot and resignation of the Cental electoral commission. 

Protesters march through the streets with slogans "Maiya Sandu for president", "Imprison Dodon", "CEC to resign" and "We demand reelection". 

The "Honour, Dignity and the Fatherland", a civil movement supporting Moldova's unification with Romania is reported to be an arranger of the rallies. 

As previously reported on Monday, the Socialist party's candidate Igor Dodon was announced a winner of November 13 presidential elections in Moldova, with 53% of the votes in his favour. He is considered a strict pro-Kremlin politician amid his calls for restoring strategic ties with Russia, denying the country's rapprochement with the EU and pledge to grant a separative conclave of Transnistria a special territorial status. 

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Meanwhile, Dodon's presidential campaign rival Maiya Sandu pledged to appeal the ballot results. 

"We will use any lawful leverage to reveal every incident and demand considering each particular complaint.  The Constitution Court will be given evidence of violations during the electoral process," she writes on her Facebook page. 

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